Rates & Packages

Sujeito a alteraçõesDiáriaC/ CaféS/ CaféBalcãoC/ CaféS/ CaféBalcãoC/ CaféS/ CaféBalcãoC/ CaféS/ CaféBalcão
Alta Temporada 2018/2019(20/12 à 31/01) Diária270 250405310287465350320525430390645
Fevereiro/Março 2019 Diária220 200330253230379290260 377360320540
Abril/Mai/Jun /Julho/Ago 2018 Diária140120210161138241180150270220180330
Média Temporada 2018 - 01/04 à 19/12) Pacote160140240184161276210180315260220390
Promo Média Temp 2018(5 Noites)valid 30/11 Pacote7506501.27586274714669758251.6551.2001.0002.040
15 Novembro 2018(15 à 18/11) 03 noites Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
Natal 2018(22 à 25/12) 3 noites Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
Natal 2018(21 à 25/12) 4 noites Pacote8007201200920828138010409201.5601.2801.1201.940
Reveillon 2018/2019(27/12 à 01/01) 5 noites Pacote2.0001.9003.0002300218534502.6002.4503.9003.2003.0004.800
Reveillon 2018/2019(26/12 à 02/01) 7 noites Pacote2.700 2.5604.0503105294446573.5003.2905.2504.3004.0206.450
Carnaval 2019(01 à 06/03) 5 noites Pacote1.6001.5002.4001840172527602.0801.930 3.1202.5602.3603.840
Semana Santa 2019(18 à 21/04) 3 noites Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
Tiradentes 2019 Pacote
Dia do Trabalho 2019 Pacote
Corpus Christi 2019(20 à 23/6) 3 noites Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
07 de Set 2018 (3 noites entre 06 e 10/9) Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
12 de Out 2018(3 noites entre 11 e 15/10) Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
Finados 2018 (01 à 04/11 - 3 noites) Pacote60054090069062110357806901.1709608401.440
Finados 2018(2 noites entre 01 à 04/11) noites) Pacote40036090046040010355204601.1706405601.440
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Check In: 14 Hours | Check Out: 12 Hours
Note: If there are no guests to enter the apartment and with the agreement of the hostel, check out can be until 14:00 hours.

Holidays and promotional packages on request !!!

Payment conditions:

◄ Normal periods and holidays packages: Signal of 50% in advance booking, via bank deposit and balance remaining upon arrival at the hostel.

◄ New Year and Carnival Packages: Up to 04 times the same, without interest, via bank deposit (sign, 30dd, 60dd and maturity of the last installment upon arrival at the inn).


The reservation will only be confirmed after receipt by e-mail flat@buziosflat.com.br, of the proof of the bank deposit related to the signal.

Requests for cancellation must be sent in writing to the email flat@buziosflat.com.br and the receipt must be confirmed by the attendant of the Reservation Center.

In case of early departure, whether in packages or not, the full amount of the lodging will be charged, regardless of the number of nights actually used.

The cancellation of the reservation is subject to loss of the value (s) paid, being able to be agreed date for later lodging, according to the convenience of the inn.

If the cancellation is in packages (holidays or promotional), the future accommodation can only be made in normal periods, with the same number of nights canceled and not valid for future packages (holidays or promotional).

Cancellations will be charged as shown below:

Reservation Cancellation Policy:

High, Medium and Low Seasons

Up to 15 days in advance

No Cost

Less than 14 days in advance

50% from total

With less than 06 days in advance of the scheduled date for the start of the daily, there will be no return.


(New Year, Carnival, Holy Week and other holidays or packages)

Up to 30 days in advance

retention of 25% of the total deposit

Less than 29 days in advance

total retention

Outside these deadlines will be considered "no show" and charged in full !!

"No Show" is considered when the guest does not arrive on the booked date of entry.
The apartment will be available for 24 hours. After this period the reservation will be canceled and the Cancellation Policy procedure will be adopted (cancellation will be applied less than 06 days).


We do not charge service fee

Child up to 05 years old (01 / apt with parents): free in double aptº

Prices subject to change !!!